Reccommended Reading

If you know of any books, exhibition catalogues or conference proceedings relevant to woodfiring that you think should be added to this list, please contact us with details.

Late Medieval Pottery Kilns at Newport, Pembrokeshire, and the recording and Interpretation of Pottery Production Sites
by David Dawson and Oliver Kent.
Medieval and Later Pottery Research Group UK 2021.
ISBN 978-1-8383518-0-9


This volume presents a detailed modern record of the remarkably well-preserved remains of a late medieval pottery kiln found in 1921 at Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Possible reconstructions of the kiln, and of a second kiln destroyed in 1921, are discussed, along with their context and products. The discussion leads on to a wide-ranging review of the forms and operation of traditional pottery kilns. A new classification of such kilns is proposed, drawing on archaeological remains of many periods and places, ethnographic evidence from different parts of the world, and the authors' many years of experimental kiln firing. Recommendations are made regarding the excavation of pottery production sites and the processing of pottery waste. Finally, a glossary offers a proposed revision to the terminology used in describing kilns.


Wood-fired Ceramics Contemporary Practices
by Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson.
A & C Black (Publishers),UK; University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, USA, 2000.
Five Centuries of Korean Ceramics - Pottery and Porcelain of the Yi Dynasty
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Publisher: Weatherhill/Tankosha, 1975.
Visiting the Mino Kilns
by Janet Barriskill. University of Sydney East Asian Series Number 9.
Wild Peony, 1995.
A Treatise on Ceramic Industries - A Complete Manual for Pottery,Tile, and Brick Manufacturers
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The Ceramics of South-East Asia - Their Dating and Identification
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Pioneer Pottery
by Michael Cardew.
Longman, 1969.
Completely redesigned edition published in 2002. ISBN 0-7136-5945-9 (UK);
ISBN 1-57498-142-0 (USA).
(Reviewed in issue 16)
A Pioneer Potter - An Autobiography
by Michael Cardew.
Oxford University Press, 1989.
Michael Cardew
by Garth Clark.
Kodansha International, 1976.
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by Louise Allison Cort. Japanese Collections in the Freer Gallery of Art.
Smithsonian Institution, 1992.
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by Louise Allison Cort.
Kodansha International Ltd., 1979.
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by R.F.J. Faulkner and O.R.Impey.
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A Potter's Book
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A Potter in Japan
by Bernard Leach.
Faber & Faber, 1960.
The Art of Firing
by Nils Lou.
A&C Black, Craftsman House, Gentle Breeze 1998.
A Collector's Guide to Modern Australian Ceramics
by Janet Mansfield.
Craftsman House, 1988.
Contemporary Ceramic Art in Australia and New Zealand
by Janet Mansfield.
Craftsman House, 1995.
Korean Art and Design
by Beth McKillop.
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Notes for Potters in Australia - Raw Materials and Clay Bodies
by Ivan McMeekin.
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by Henrik Norser.
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The Kiln Book - Materials, Specifications and Construction
by Frederick L Olsen. Third Edition.
A & C Black, 2001.
(Reviewed in issue 16)
Kilns - Design, Construction and Operation
by Daniel Rhodes. Second Edition.
Chilton, 1981.
Tamba Pottery - The Timeless Art of a Japanese Village
by Daniel Rhodes.
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Earth 'n' Fire - A Survey Guide to Contemporary Japanese Ceramics
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by Jack Troy.
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by S.J. Vainker.
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by Nigel Wood.
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Chinese Glazes
by Nigel Wood.
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Turners and Burners - The Folk Potters of North Carolina
by Charles G. Zug III
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Raised in Clay - The Southern Pottery Tradition
by Nancy Sweezy
The University of North Carolina Press, 1994.
Winchcombe Pottery: The Cardew - Finch Tradition
by Ron Wheeler
White Cockade Publishing, 1998
Wood Firing Journeys and Techniques: A Collection of Articles from Ceramics Monthly
Foreward by Dick Lehman
The American Ceramics Society, 2001. ISBN 1-57498-143-9
(Reviewed in issue 17)
Laid Back Wood Firing
by Steve Harrison
Hot & Sticky Pty.Ltd., 2003. ISBN 0-9750530-1-9
(Reviewed in issue 17)
Body of Clay Soul of Fire - Richard Bresnahan and the Saint John's Pottery
by Matthew Welsh; forward by Gerry Williams
Afton Historical Society Press, USA, 2003. ISBN 1-890434-46-9
(Reviewed in issue 19)
The Traditional Ceramics of South East Asia
by Mick Shippen
A&C Black, UK, 2005. ISBN 0-7136-6154-2
(Reviewed in issue 23)
Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics
by Masakazu Kusakabe and Marc Lancet
F+W Publications/Krause Publications, USA, 2005. ISBN 0-87349-742-2
(Reviewed in issue 26)
Ray Finch Craftsman Potter of the Modern Age
Edited by John Edgeler
Cotswold Living Publications, UK, 2006. ISBN 0-9550315-1-6
(Reviewed in issue 27)
Science and Civilisation in China Vol.5 Chemistry and Chemical Technology Part XII: Ceramic Technology
by Rose Kerr and Nigel Wood
Cambridge University Press, UK, 2004. ISBN 0 521 83833 9
(Reviewed in issue 29)
Michael Cardew and the West Country Slipware Tradition
by John Edgeler
Cotswolds Living Publications, UK 2007. ISBN 0-9550315-2-4
(Reviewed in issue 31)
Firing - Philosophies within Contemporary Ceramic Practice
by David Jones
The Crowood Press, UK 2007. ISBN 978-86126-935-5
(Reviewed in issue 35)
Michael Cardew and Stoneware - Continuity and Change
by John Edgeler
Cotswolds Living Publications, UK 2008. ISBN 0-9550315-3-2
(Reviewed in issue 35)
Following the Rhythms of Life - The Ceramic Art of David Shaner
edited by Peter Held
Arizona State University, USA 2007. ISBN 0-9777624-4-0
(Reviewed in issue 35)
On the River through the Valley of Fire - The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman
Essays and Commentary by Daniel Lambertom
American Museum of Ceramic Art, USA 2008. ISBN 978-0-9816728-1-6
(Reviewed in issue 36)
Coexistence with Fire, Wood-Fired Ceramics by Frank Boyden 1985-2006
Contributions by Frank Boyden, Terry Davies, Peter Held, Don Reitz and Jack Troy
American Museum of Ceramic Art, USA 2008. ISBN 978-0-9816728-2-3
(Reviewed in issue 36)
The Three Books of the Potter's Art
by Cipriano Piccopasso
Editions La Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre, France 2007. English version ISBN 2-908988-27-5
(Reviewed in issue 36)
Michael Casson
by Emmanuel Cooper and Amanda Fielding
Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales, 2010. ISBN 978-1905865-22-2
(Reviewed in issue 44)
A Chosen Path: The Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes
Edited by Mark Shapiro
University of North Carolina Press, USA 2010. ISBN 978-0-8078-3427-5
(Reviewed in issue 44)
Clay and Light
by Jordan Taylor
Everhart Museum, USA 2010. ISBN 978-0-9845152-0-2
(Reviewed in issue 44)
Alan Peascod Artist of Exceptional Talent
Edited by Janet Mansfield
Mansfield Press, Australia 2010. ISBN 978-0-646-52473-3
(Reviewed in issue 44)
The Art of Woodfire: A Contemporary Ceramics Practice
by Owen Rye.
Mansfield Press, Australia 2011. ISBN 978-0-9808798-0-3
(Reviewed in issue 47)
Thrown: British Columbia's apprentices of Bernard Leach and their contemporaries
Text by Scott Watson, et al. Morris and Helen Belkin Art gallery UBC, Canada 2011. ISBN 978-088865-803-6
(Reviewed in issue 51)
A Force of Nature: The Ceramic Art of Randy Johnston
With an essay by Andrew Maske.
Pucker Art Publications, USA 2011. ISBN 1-879985-23-3
(Reviewed in issue 51)
The Last Sane Man: Michael Cardew
Modern Pots, Colonialism, and Counterculture
by Tanya Harrod
Yale University Press, UK 2012. ISBN 978-0-300-10016-7
(Reviewed in issue 54)
The Bickley Book
The Bickley Ceramics Project 1981-2010
by David Dawson & Oliver Kent.
The Bickley Ceramics Project, UK 2012.
(Reviewed in issue 54)
His Own Steam
The Work of Barry Brickell
by David Craig & Gregory O'Brien.
Auckland University Press, NZ 2013. ISBN 978 1 86940 763 6
(Reviewed in issue 55)
Yasuhisa Kohyama
The Art of Ceramics
by Susan Jefferies et al.
Arnoldsche Art Publications, Germany 2012. ISBN 978 3 89790 362 3
(Reviewed in issue 55)
Torbjørn Kvasbø - Ceramics
Between the Possible and the Impossible
Jorunn Veiteberg and Kerstin Wickman.
Arnoldsche Art Publications, Germany 2013. ISBN 978 3 89790 377 7
(Reviewed in issue 56)
Riding the Wave
30+ Years Firing the Peters Valley Anagama
Essay by Maleyne Syracuse
Peters Vally School of Craft 2013
(Reviewed in issue 56)
Norwegian Wood
Chopping, Stacking and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way
Lars Mytting, with a foreword by Roy Jacobsen
Translated from the Norwegian by Robert Ferguson
MacLehose Press 2016. ISBN 978 0 85705 255 1
(Reviewed in issue 66)


Additional Titles
(not English language)
Erde und Feur - Traditionelle Japanische Keramik der Gegenwart
by Gisela Jahn and Anette Petersen-Brandhorst.
Hirmer Verlag, Deutsches Museum,1984. [In German]
Holzbrandkeramik in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [Woodfired Ceramics in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania]
compiled by Markus Böhm. Regional Organisation of Arts&Crafts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, 2005. [German text] ISBN 3-932673-03-4
(Reviewed in issue 26)
Les Fours - Dossier D'Argile No. 5.
éditions ARgile, 1990. [In French]
Old Tamba Pottery
Old Tamba Pottery Museum (Sasayamacho, Hyogo Prefecture Japan), 1989. [In Japanese]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.2: Michio Furutani
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1992 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.16: Katsuyuki Sakazume
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1992 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.40: Shiro Tsujimura
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1992 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.49: Tougaku Mori
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1992 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.66: Shigeyoshi Morioka
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1993 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.68: Shiro Otani
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1993 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.70: Sadamitsu Sugimoto
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1993 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.82: Shuroku Harada
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1993 [In Japanese with English translation]
The best selections of contemporary ceramics in Japan Vol.84: Ryuichi Kakurezaki
Kyoto Shoin Co.Ltd., Japan, 1993 [In Japanese with English translation]
Anagama: Chikuyou to Shousei [Anagama: Construction and Firing]
by Michio Furutani
Rikogaku-sha, Tokyo, 1994. [In Japanese] ISBN 4-8445-8561-4
(A very personal account of the evolution of his thoughts about both kiln design and firing process.)
This book was translated into English (text only) by Shiori Noro, Odin Maxwell and Dick Lehman, published by Odin Maxwell USA, 2003.
(Reviewed in issue 18)
Makigama Shousei no Susume [Wood Kiln Firing]
edited by Abe Shuppan
a Honoho Geijutsu Power Book, 2000. [In Japanese] ISBN 4-87242-140-X
Youhen to Yakishimetou [Fire Change and Vitrified Unglazed Pottery]
edited by Inoue and Takeuchi
Kodansha, 1999. [In Japanese] ISBN 4-06267-753-9
Honoo ni Ikiru Tsuji Seimei Jiden
[Living in Flame - An Autobiography of Seimei Tsuji]
Nihon Keizai Shinbunsha, 1996. [In Japanese] ISBN 4-532-16195-9
Onishino - Traditional Anagama Tensyo Kiln in Mino
(The work of Onishino potter Tsukigata Nahiko)
by Tsukigata Nahiko
Tougeisya, 1973. [In Japanese with English translation]
Paroles De Feu - les fours à bois en France
Musee Bernard, Palissy, Saint-Avit, France, 2000. [In French] ISBN 2-911117-06-9
(Reviewed in issue 8)
Architecture de Feu - quelques fours de La Borne
Éditions ARgile, 2000. [In French] ISBN 2-909758-15-X
(Reviewed in issue 8)
Poteries et Potiers de Puisaye et du Val de Loire XVIème - XXème S.
[Potteries and Potters of Puisaye and the Loire Valley 16th - 20th Century]
by Marcel Poulet, 2000. [In French] ISBN 2-9512333-2-9
(Reviewed in issue 17)
Chinese Ceramic Cultural Sites: A Traveller's Handbook
by Guangzhen Zhou and Guanlu Zeng, English editor Deborah Bouchette.
Wushing Books Publishing Co.Ltd., Taiwan, 2004. [English/Chinese text]
ISBN 957-8964-18-8
(Reviewed in issue 23)
La Poterie Africaine - Les Techniques Cèramiques en Afrique Noire
[African Pottery - The Ceramic Techniques of Black Africa]
by Camille Virot
Éditions ARgile, 2005. [In French] ISBN 2-909758-23-0
(Reviewed in issue 23)
La porcelaine de Jingdzhen - savoir-faire et techniques traditionnels [The Traditional Craft of Porcelain in Jingdezhen]
by Bai Ming
Published by Éditions la Revue de la Céramique et du verre, France, 2005. [French/English edition] ISBN 2 908988 25
(Reviewed in issue 28)
Céramique contemporaine (Contemporary pottery) Collection Maurice Lambiotte
by Maurice Lambiotte and Carole Andréani
Published by Éditions Norma, France, 2007. [French and English text] ISBN 978-2-9155-4212-7 (Reviewed in issue 38)
8 artistes & la terre
Edited by Arnauld de L'Épine
Éditions ARgile, France 2009. [French with some English text] ISBN 2-909758-25-7
(Reviewed in issue 38)
Jaqueline Lerat
Éditions La Review de la Céramique et du Verre, France 2010. [French text] ISBN 2-908988-53-4
(Reviewed in issue 44)
L'atelier Kalabougou
Compiled by Camille Virot.
Éditions ARgile, France 2011. [French text] ISBN 2-909758-26-5
(Reviewed in issue 51)
Hervé Rousseau Le feu dans la terre
With essays by Bernard David and Frédéric Bodet
Les Éditions de la Revue de la céramique et du verre France, 2015. [French text] ISBN 978 2 908988-86-4
(Reviewed in issue 62)
Horst Kerstan Keramik de Moderne
Edited by Maria Schüly for the Städtische Museen Freiburg, Augustinermuseum, Germany
Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Germany, 2015. [German text] ISBN 978 3 89790-433-0
(Reviewed in issue 63)


Puisaye de terre et de feu - histore d'une tradition potiere
Les Films du Lieu-dit, France. Video
(reviewed in issue 16)
Recording The Flame: woodfired pottery
Deep Mountain Arts, USA. Video/DVD
(see review in issue 16)
Three Chambered Climbing Kiln
Joe Finch Kilns, UK. CD
(reviewed in issue 17)
(reviewed in issue 18)
The Climbing Kiln of Woolman Lane
Purplecatvideo, USA DVD
(reviewed in issue 19)
Grand Feu en Puisaye - Une aventure en pays potier
Films du Lieu-dit, France. Video/DVD
(reviewed in issue 20)
Aldermaston Pottery The Last Lustre and Glaze Firings
Tony Booth, UK. DVD
(reviewed in issue 32)
Noborigama Earth Air Fire Water
Rimas VisGirda, USA. DVD
(reviewed in issue 32)
Brick by Brick
Owen McIlhattan, USA, 2008. DVD
(reviewed in issue 35)
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott a potters film
Andrea and Peter Hylands, Australia, 2008. DVD ISBN 978-0-9757794-6-0
(reviewed in issue 36)
Don't Know We'll See: The Work of Karen Karnes
Lucy Massie Phenix, USA, 2009. DVD Barcode: 634479994333
(reviewed in issue 38)
Ben Richardson - FireWorks
Ridgline Pottery Australia, 2010. DVD
ISBN 978-0-646-53279-0
(reviewed in issue 43)
Hot Mud: The Work and Thoughts of Daniel Johnston
Jay Yager, USA 2011. DVD
(reviewed in issue 46)
4000 Gallons: Daniel Johnston's Large Jar Project
Jay Yager, USA 2011. DVD
(reviewed in issue 46)
Playing with Clay the Life and Art of Peter Rushforth
Christina Wilcox,Yowie Films, Australia 2010. DVD
(reviewed in issue 51)
Out of the Fire
A documentary film about the risks and rewards of making art, featuring Kevin Crowe
Produced and directed by Courtenay Singer
Outofthefirefilms, USA 2013. DVD
(reviewed in issue 56)


American Woodfire '91
Catalogue of Exhibition at The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa, U.S.A., 1991.
North Coast Woodfire
Catalogue of a travelling exhibition of wood-fired work from Northern New South Wales, Australia, 1992.
Different Stokes
Catalogue of International Woodfire Exhibition at The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa, U.S.A., 1999.
American Shino - The Glaze of a Thousand Faces
Babcock Galleries, New York. Editor, Lester Richter. U.S.A., 2000.
Great Shigaraki exhibition
Catalogue of the exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan 2001.
(Reviewed in Issue 8)
La Terre... Une Œuvre
Céramiques Contemporaines Cuisson au Bois. Maison Ravier, Morestel, (Isère), France 2002.
The Naked Truth
Catalogue of the 2004 International Juried Woodfire Exhibition, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Iowa, U.S.A., 2004.
The Potter's Eye - Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery
by Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy.
University of North Carolina Press, USA, 2005. ISBN 0-8078-2992-7
(Reviewed in issue 25)
Don Reitz - Clay, Fire, Salt, and Wood
by Jody Clowes.
Published by Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 2004.
ISBN 0-932900-01-1
(Reviewed in issue 25)
Kamaka: The Ceramics of Bruce and Estelle Martin
by Peter Shaw
Published by the Hawke's Bay Cultural Trust, NZ, 2005. ISBN 0-473-10361-3
(Reviewed in issue 25)
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott A survey 1955-2005
by Jason Smith
Published by NGV International, Australia, 2005. ISBN 0 7241 0265 5
(Reviewed in issue 28)
Peter Callas 1973-2003
Available from Peter Callas dot com
(Reviewed in issue 28)
Architectural Echoes in Clay
edited by Susan Lefler
University of North Carolina Center for Craft, USA, 2006.
(Reviewed in issue 30)
Decade Catalogue Potters of Hikarigama 1995-2005
published USA 2006.
(Reviewed in issue 32)
La Borne s'enflamme 10ème recontre internationale de céramique 2007
CCCB, France 2007.
(Reviewed in issue 32)
Form Fire & Fruition
Geoff Crispin: a regional practice in clay
Grafton Regional Gallery, Australia, 2010.
Peter Rushforth
All Fired Up
S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2013.
e-catalogue. Free to view: Here
(Reviewed in issue 56)
Ron Meyers A Potter's Menagerie
Exhibition Catalogue edited by Brian J. Lang
Arkansas Arts Center, USA, 2013. ISBN 978 1 884240 37 9
(Reviewed in issue 60)


Woodfire '86 Gippsland National Woodfire Conference
Edited by O. S. Rye, 1986. [Australia]
Woodfire '89 Proceedings
Compiled by Janet Mansfield, 1989. [Australia]
Woodfire '92 Conference Proceedings
Compiled by Patsy Hely, 1992. [Australia]
Fire-Up Gulgong Proceedings
Edited by Janet Mansfield, 1993. [Australia]
Different Stokes
The 1999 International Woodfire Conference, The University of Iowa.
Compiled by John Neely, 1999. [U.S.A.]